What is Bowen Therapy and is Canberra a Good Place to Get It?

The desire in Australia is strong when it comes to finding holistic, natural therapies and treatments for common ailments. Bowen Therapy is just one of these treatments, and it’s proven to be very effective at positively influencing the energy of the body and mind. Bowen Therapy is non-invasive and gentle, and it works by manipulating the central nervous system as well as the energy that flows through it. By activating the body’s innate healing response, a Bowen Therapist can stimulate the body into working on itself. This is a much healthier and natural method to relieve pain, stress, and more. Every client who walks out of a Bowen treatment feels re-energized both physically and emotionally. It is perfect for clients of any age and promotes a more positive outlook on life. 

Bowen Therapy in Canberra

Locally owned and operated, The Pillar Practice is the perfect place to receive Bowen Therapy in Canberra. We are in tune with the energy of the body, and our relaxing and comfortable clinic make for the perfect place for our therapists to work with our clients to aid in the push towards optimal balance. We have helped many Canberra residents with our Bowen and other therapies, and we would love to work with you as well to positively impact your life.