Chiropractic is a health care discipline founded on the scientific premise that the body is a self-healing, self-regulating organism. These important functions are controlled and regulated by the nervous system, the brain, the spinal cord and nerves of the body.

The practice of chiropractic concentrates on the relationship between function (as coordinated by the nervous system) and structure (primarily the spine, cranium and pelvis) and how that relationship affects the preservation and restoration of health. Impaired pathways to the nervous system can result in malfunction of the tissue and organ function throughout the body.

A further addition to general holistic chiropractic is Paediatric Chiropractic. Our Primary Health Care Provider, Dr David Comyns, specialises in Paediatric Chiropractic, which is the safe and effective care of children from the newborn through to the developing adolescent.


professional Applied Kinesiology

Professional Applied Kinesiology (PAK) is a diagnosis technique used by chiropractors to gage the integrity of the nervous system. PAK uses specific muscle testing to evaluate the whole body system. PAK assists in the process to find the reason behind functional disturbances in the body and proposes a direction for correction.

Health comes down to a combination of chemical, structural and mental factors that affect the body. All systems must be in balance, with PAK being able to identify issues in the body as a whole.



Neuro Emotional Technique (N.E.T.) is a safe, natural way to resolve long-standing health issues that have an emotional component.  Emotions are perfectly normal, however they can sometimes have a negative impact on ones health. In times of stress, trauma or disease, our body’s ability to “let go” of these emotions are hindered and years later can cause chronic physical and emotional problems. Many emotions and emotional responses can and do effect people in a negative way. N.E.T. aims to release these negative responses from the conscious, subconscious and the body to bring harmony and balance back to the body and mind.



Through focussing on the evaluation and rehabilitation of every major nerve in the body, Quantum Neurology (QN) allows for the greatest nerve function possible in the body. To have the highest level of health and wellbeing, every nerve needs to be at their optimal level as they control and regulate every function in the body. When nerves become dysfunctional, a symptom usually develops, throwing the body into a state of dis-ease. At The Pillar Practice we see that many symptoms clients present with can have a neurological component to them, leading your body to loose stability and allowing symptoms to have a greater chance to present.

By focussing on the nerves, QN is able to link painful or debilitating injuries, illnesses, or conditions to the nervous system, which when balanced allows for the body to be able to heal itself. Every major nerve in the body is evaluated, strengthened and rehabilitated by the Chiropractor through this safe and non-invasive technique. Our Chiropractor use a series of upper and lower body muscle strength tests that evaluate the entire spinal cord, as well as reinforcing the nerves with gentle joint mobilisation and light therapy.



By using functional neurological testing, the practitioner is able to efficiently and effectively identify any nutritional deficiency that may be associated with and compounding a clients general state of health or specific underlying condition.

Within the clinic our practitioners prescribe and recommend only the highest quality and most effective Natural Medicine products available.  The products utilised within the clinic are practitioner only products that have been formulated to meet the exacting standards necessary to support and/or treat many health conditions injuries and illness.



Homotoxicology (a modern form of Homeopathy), is the practice that studies the influence of toxic substances in the body, where symptoms and dis-ease are understood to develop from biological resistance to toxic substances (homotoxins).

This method of treatment utilises the body’s own healing processes in order to "cure" the illness, through simulation. Homotoxicology is based on the concept that ‘like cures like’, with substances being able to treat a condition as well as being able to cause. The remedies usually contain a dilution of the ailment being treated, which stimulates the condition and subsequently starts the self-healing response. The symptoms are purely there as part of the body’s tools to heal itself.



By combining acupuncture and homeopathy, Biomesoptherapy stimulates the body’s self-healing capacities, relaxes muscles and balances out the body systems. The use of specific points and homotoxicological products creates a synergistic effect of sustained release acupuncture whilst allowing for the homotoxicological remedies to have instant access to the client’s matrix in order to achieve the greatest efficiency. The saline solution is inserted subcutaneously in order to stimulate deeper organ systems, stimulate the extracellular matrix and activate the action of the homeopathic directly to the site where it is needed.



By focusing on the health benefits of micro-motion in the bones of the skull (cranium), Craniopathy is able to clear distortions to the system. Craniopathy is a gentle technique stimulating micro-motion with the cranial bones and allows for increased circulation of the cerbro-spinal fluid (CSF), which is critical for good health. The CSF removes waste products, transports nutrition and provides an ideal and essential medium for nerve signal conductions.

The gentle pulsing action generated from breathing allows the CSF to be supplied to the nervous system. Any physical trauma to the head include falls, accidents, viral infections and prolonged emotional stress can interrupt this delicate process.



The central nervous system is the control centre for living. Its health and performance determines how we perceive the world around us and how we respond to circumstances, stresses and obstacles which may arise.

During our development in the womb and in the early months of life the higher processing or thinking areas of our brain are not fully developed. At this time we are protected and assisted by primitive reflexes to illicit involuntary responses when we are not yet able to use rational thought. A reflex response may vary from rapid muscular movements (knee jerk reaction) to those involving breathing, perceptual adjustments, hormonal changes and more complex body movements.

As your central nervous system matures as you grow, the need for many involuntary reflex responses is reduced. At this point, if the reflex is not lost its reaction when stimulated can become undesirable. Some reflexes however are necessary throughout life, such as when we quickly move in self-preservation like moving a hand away from heat when you are burned.

Sometimes if reflexes are retained this can upset some, or all of the functions of the higher control centres of the brain. Children that have retained neonatal reflexes, can present with problems behaving, learning and co-ordinating gross or fine motor movements.  Untreated, these issues can continue throughout ones life.