Our Healing Centre for Chiropractic Treatment in Canberra

Sometimes traditional chiropractic treatment in Canberra can be ineffective at delivering relief and results to chronic or severe cases. This is when our alternative approach to holistic healing of the individual can help to rehabilitate the spine and improve resilience against ongoing structural problems.

Many people in Canberra spend the majority of their day at work in a sedentary position at their desk and in meetings. Canberra is full of intelligent, busy people, but unfortunately even for those who try to combat this lifestyle with regular visits to the gym; neurological and/or functional are very high amongst complaints in Canberra. This is why The Pillar Practice has decided to set our main practice in Kingston right near the heart of Canberra, to provide easily accessible alternative chiropractic treatment to the ACT.

A Bit About The Pillar Practice

We are a holistic healthcare practice that aims to heal individuals on three levels: The Mind, the Body, and the Soul. We believe that utilising holistic health care on clients helps to ease symptoms and improve root causes of all ailments for a better life.

Our treatments include the best approaches to medicine from both Western and Eastern philosophies. We have researched all medicines both traditional and alternative, providing our clients with many options for treatment. Having all of these treatment options available at our practice helps our practitioners to assist clients to find an approach that delivers the greatest health benefits. At the Pillar Practice, it is our goal to see results in clients, and our caring and compassionate healthcare team works with each client to ensure real transformational change is attained.

Although we serve clients of all afflictions, from headaches to terminal cancer and anxiety to PTSD, one of our most popular options is chiropractic treatment. We believe that the body is a self-regulating, self-healing organism. With self-awareness and mindful practices, symptoms from neurological and/or functional can lessen as the body learns how to heal itself. Our chiropractic healing is an alternative option to traditional approaches and has worked for many chronic and difficult to treat cases. We have seen astounding results in many of our clients and provide ongoing treatment for chiropractic ailments at our Canberra practice.

Accessing Our Chiropractic Treatment in Canberra

It is our goal to provide chiropractic treatment as well as our broad range of other healing services to the entirety of Australia. This is why in addition to our main practice in Canberra; we offer treatment to clients in Brisbane and other surrounding areas through our mobile practice. For one weekend each fortnight, our mobile practice operates in Brisbane to extend our full range of services.

To make it even easier for every Australian to access proven alternative medicine and holistic healing methods, we have extended our services to all Australians. Our Canberra practice currently serves many clients from all parts of Australia to ensure relief from and improvement of many conditions.

For all those seeking to better their health and lives through compassionate, holistic care, the Pillar Practice is the place to go.