Get to know the team: Dr David Comyns

David with his wife Maria, Ava and Jude Comyns

David with his wife Maria, Ava and Jude Comyns

1. What motivated you to become a health care professional?

For me, this all started well before I was born. My father suffered a moderate spinal cord injury that left him paralysed from the chest down and after hearing that it would be difficult for him to walk again let alone have children, he took it upon himself to prove the specialists wrong. He searched far and wide through many and various professions, unfortunately all to no avail until he was introduced to a Chiropractor that had returned from the United States bringing with him to Australia the wonderful Chiropractic technique of Applied Kinesiology. Within two treatments, Dr Mario Sabella was able to assess through a functional neurological muscle test, my fathers injury and apply the correct treatment thereby freeing my father from the wheelchair. My parents and the Sabella’s became very close friends, later I received my first adjustment four hours after my birth and he has been instrumental as a mentor in my life. I wanted to be able to give back what was given to my father, my family, what it had given to my life.

2. What is your favorite thing about working for The Pillar Practice?

I have been inspired by an extraordinary project and a great purpose. The Pillar Practice has expanded my consciousness in all directions and I continue to discover a greater journey than I had ever thought of, filled with support and encouragement.

3. What do you do to keep balanced in life?

Other than devoting much of my time and energy into my path and purpose within The Pillar Practice, balancing this with family time, trips to the snow through the winter months and the beach through the summer months and my weekly sessions with health and movement coach Ross Blake at Align Health allows for the connection to my inner self and expansion of my strength to give to The Partnership on a greater level.



4. What is your favorite food to cook?

Something I don’t get to do all that often, however getting back to my parents property and having a barbeque style campfire up on the hill with the family and loved ones is one of my “favorite things” related to cooking food. Despite this, my favorite food to cook is Osso bucco (braised veal shanks).

David with wife Maria in New York

David with wife Maria in New York

5. Where is your favorite place that you have travelled to?

New York. My wife and I enjoyed two memorable weeks together in New York while our children were being loved and cared for by their grandparents back at home.

6. Who are the most inspirational people in your life?

There are obviously many inspirational people and leaders to name although I’d like to honor a couple of my master mentors that have touched my life, helping to strengthen my foundation and shape and guide my path to allow me to enter into The Pillar Practice journey. Firstly Dr. Scott Walker, founder and developer of Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) and then Dr. George Gonzalez, founder and developer of Quantum Neurology (QN). I hold abundant gratitude for the work that they have gifted to the world.



7. What is one interesting thing that nobody really knows about you?

A psychic once told me that I was a Samuri in a past life, I thought that was pretty cool.

8. What is your favorite quote that inspires you?

The Pillar Practice journey has filled our lives with inspirational and awe inspiring quotes and teachings, however three quotes that were particularly inspiring to me in the early development of The Pillar Practice that resonated with my journey, were:

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.


 Man cannot discover new oceans until he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.


For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don't believe, no proof is possible.