Launch of The Pillar Practice Social Media


Hello and welcome to the opening of The Pillar Practice (TPP) social media sites! It has been a long time coming for the business and as The Pillar Practice is all about choosing to connect, what better way to do that than through the ease of modern day social media.

We have linked our blog "The Source" from our website to three social media platforms:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+

Why connect to social media?

We have set up this portal so that we can connect to our clients; help you have a greater understanding of the business and what we offer as well as sharing important information that will assist you towards greater peace, purpose and prosperity.

What it will be used for?

The page will give you access to lots of information that will be posted by TPP and help you gain a greater understanding of the techniques offered.  It is designed to be a source of information that will assist in answering any general questions that you may have and need more information on.

TPP social media sites will allow you to access information that you have had before about a wide range of topics including:

  • Monthly Update: About TPP, what is happening for the month and any updates
  • Get to know the Team: Featuring a different team member each month
  • GEORGE Quote: Snippets of channeled information that has been taken down to form TPP technique to help provide insight and direction.
  • Recipes for the Metabolic Eating Plan: A new recipe each month to help clients on the eating plan have a diverse range of meals.
  • Inspirational quotes: From different thought leaders from around the world to help provide insight and direction.
  • A Deeper Understanding: Will have 8 key questions about each therapy that TPP delivers to help you understand more about them and assist in understanding what is right for you.
  • Health Promotion: On different topics each month promoting health and what our trained practitioners have learnt over the years of study and treatment in a clinical setting, combined with the latest research.
  • My Clinic: Information about our clinics, including QLD

How to use it?

Posts will go up bi/tri-weekly and you are free to comment and share as you like. As we are a primary health care clinic we unfortunately can’t take testimonials or reviews but happy to have feedback about what we have posted.

Any questions, especially around personal treatments, please continue to go through the reception team via the website bellow:


We look forward to being able to connect with you via social media and we trust that the posts will allow you to connect to a greater understanding of the clinic, the people and the work that we are delivering for your journey of healing.


The Pillar Practice Team