Angus Comyns: Stencil Art Prize Finalist (Four Years in a Row!)

You may have noticed if you have been to the clinic that we fill our space with vibrant and colourful artwork. These add to the energy of our space, with us able to bring in and rotate the artwork regularly, creating an ever changing environment.

This is all thanks to our resident artist and soft tissue therapist Angus Comyns, who has two passions, his art and his healing. At The Pillar Practice he is able to express both with amazing results.

For the fourth year running he has been recognised as a finalist for the prestigious stencil art prize for the painting below titled "Wow".

Angus's entry for the stencil art prize 'Wow'

Angus's entry for the stencil art prize 'Wow'

The Stencil Art Prize comprises of 84 artists from 21 countries and is the world's largest and longest running stencil event.

The artwork will be exhibited at the Sydney Fringe Festival from 5-25 September 2016 with the winner announced on Sunday 11 September.

Congratulations again to Angus! If you are interested in his other pieces they can be found here.