Dr David A Comyns (Doctor of chiropractic)

B. Chiro. Sc, M. Chiro                                              
Cert. Professional Applied Kinesiology
Cert. Biomesotherapy
Cert. Neuro Emotional Technique

Practicing in:
The Pillar Practice, Chiropractic, Professional Applied Kinesiology, Quantum Neurology, Homotoxicology, Craniopathy, Nutritional Medicine, Weight Management & Detoxification Programs, Retained Neonatal reflexes, Biomesotherapy

Career Information:
2002    Awarded Golden Key International honor               society, Macquarie University
2002    Bachelor of Chiropractic Science,                             Macquarie University
2004    Master of Chiropractic, Macquarie                           University
2006    Certified Applied Kinesiology, Brisbane
2006    Certified Biomesotherapy, Brisbane
2006    Co-founder and Principal Chiropractor of The Comyns Clinic
2008    Certified Neuro-Emotional Technique, California, USA
2012    Co-founder and developer of The Pillar Practice, Canberra
2014    Co-founder and Director of The Pillar Practice Pty Ltd

Current Memberships:
Member of The Chiropractors Association of Australia (CAA)
Member of The Australian Society of BioRegulatory Medicine (ASBRM) - formerly The Australian   Association of Homotoxicology (AAOH)

Practitioner Journey:
As Principal Chiropractor, David has outstanding credentials and experience in dealing with a wide range of health issues.

David completed his Bachelor of Chiropractic Science and then Master of Chiropractic at Macquarie University. Whilst in his final years David worked for the Department of Chiropractic, tutoring and examining Chiropractic Skills. In his final two years David also began his training in Professional Applied Kinesiology (PAK), under the guidance of his mentor Dr Mario Sabella, normally a post-graduate course.

After working in Batemans Bay (NSW) for one year under the direction of a highly recognised Chiropractor specialising in Functional Medicine, David moved to Canberra in 2006. By June of the same year, David established The Comyns Clinic in Manuka alongside his brother Angus and then in September 2012 relocated the business to Kingston in order to expand the organisation.

David is the co-founder and co-developer of The Pillar Practice and the newly formed company The Pillar Practice Pty Ltd, which in Canberra trades as The Comyns Clinic.