Our clinic focuses on food EDUCATION and its pivotal role in creating and maintaining a healthy life, MOTIVATION to initiate healthy choices and ACTIVATING positive habits. Therefore, forming the foundation of a life with vitality and freedom. Aligning you to the healthiest, happiest, connected version of you.

Nutritional Appointments will utilise evidence based research, along with functional neurological testing to efficiently and effectively work on:

-­ Addressing the underlying causes for conscious, subconscious and unconscious blocks to nutrition and movement
-­ Identifying the emotional component linked to behaviours and choices
-­ Assessing what your personal nutritional requirements are
-­ Education on scientific, evidenced based nutritional principles
-­ Practical tools and techniques enabling you to sustain healthy choices
-­ Establishing and maintaining positive habits
-­ Creating the foundation of your health and vitality of life through food and movement

Our qualified Nutritionist Ashlee Innes has developed her unique approach through her studies in Nutrition and Medical Science at the University of Sunshine Coast and the Australian National University. Whilst incorporating techniques mastered under the mentorship of Dr. David Comyns.

To take the next step in progressing your health and vitality, please contact the clinic to make an appointment.