Remedial massage, manipulates the soft-tissue - muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, facia etc. By using a variety of different techniques, trigger point therapy, compressions, stripping and stretching, the practitioner is able to create an internal environment that promotes detoxification, drainage, hydration and healing of soft tissue on a cellular, localised, regional and/or systemic level.

Remedial massage has beneficial effects on both the physical body, psychological and energetic. Releasing and realigning tight, restricted soft-tissue of the physical body improves output, pre and post sports and increases self-healing qualities. 

The Wilson Technique which was developed by Bill Wilson from Victoria, is a soft tissue technique with the option to use a heat therapy lamp.  The Wilson Technique focuses on promoting an optimal healing environment within the region that is requiring assistance.  The use of the lamp reduces the negative impact of excessive information brought about by unintentional over-working the tissue.  Bills work has been carried on by his daughters Andre and Rosemary.