The Comyns Clinic - History

The Comyns Clinic was established in Canberra in 2006 by Comyns brother’s - David and Angus. As a holistic healthcare clinic, The Comyns Clinic has been best known for enhancing the lives of adults and children through use of holistic Chiropractic, Professional Applied Kinesiology, Neuro-Emotional Technique, Quantum Neurology, Nutritional Medicine, Bowen Therapy, Remedial / Wilson Therapy and Energetic Medicine.


The Comyns Clinic – Today

Now situated in Kingston ACT, The Comyns Clinic has evolved and has a focus on the integration of the best of Western and Eastern healthcare and lifestyle advancements.

All practitioners at The Comyns Clinic are dedicated to deliver the highest possible level of care and continuously keep up to date with the latest research and skills both in Australia and around the world.

In recent years The Pillar Practice technique, (which is a dynamic new therapy) has been developed in partnership by Dr David Comyns and Patti-Jane (PJ) Ashley and is proving very successful in all areas of health care; wellness and lifestyle advancements.

With the development of The Pillar Practice, David, Angus and PJ formed a new Company “The Pillar Practice Pty Ltd” in preparation for further expansion.

The Pillar Practice is delivered along with all other modalities previously offered at the clinic – See Our Services.