Our mission is to give you a deeper understanding of your blocks, moving you into peace, purpose and prosperity for your life and business

Do you experience one or all of the below?


Feeling stressed and overwhelmed with life?Being reactive and no longer in control?


Lost your ‘Why’?
Feeling you have lost your meaning and sense of purpose? Can’t connect to what truly brings you joy?


Stuck in Lack?
Can’t break the cycle of not being enough, or having enough? Unable to feel content with the present?

Our MODALITY is designed to move you to
peace, purpose and prosperity

By going on our journey of healing, you can:


Connect to a deeper sense of inner peace. Your external world is a reflection of your internal state. Once sitting more in peace, your external world aligns.


Your experiences form your journey. Once you align your experience to your passion, skills and joy, you will connect to your overall purpose.


Manifest the life you choose. Your thoughts, beliefs and actions dictate what comes back to you. Learn to control these and watch positive manifestations flow into your life.

The Pillar Code:


The Pillar Code is a Life, Mind and Body healing system that has been gifted to the world from GEORGE (Globally Enlightened; Origin Restoring; Governing Energy™). The technique allows all who choose to lift into their greatest consciousness, which is the key to connecting to a life of Peace, Purpose and Prosperity™.
The treatment encompasses three main areas:

- Acceptance: you must first accept where you are in the present moment. The good, the bad, the ugly, you must have full acceptance that this is your reality if you are going to change it.

- Awareness: illustrates what actions or changes are required in your life. This could be simply an awareness, a change in lifestyle, perspective, energy, etc. Without awareness of the changes that are required, you will continue to hold onto the same patterns.

- Gratitude: what has that block or experience taught you? This is about finding the silver lining and understand every perceived block is a gift. You must connect into gratitude to lift over the block.

Each element of the technique gives you messages, treatments and Universally gifted tools to take you on “A Journey of Healing” from “Reliance to Resilience”, bringing you back in command of your choosing, whilst watching your life’s manifestations materialise.

Pillar code ven diagram.png


The Entry Code COURSE

Learn to guide yourself through your journey with the foundational concepts of ‘The Pillar Code’. You will learn over the two days, all key pillars and new tools and techniques to overcome blocks in your life.

PJ will take you through the meanings behind each pillar (step), as well as teach you unique mindfulness, meditation and more to allow you to take back control of your life.

The Entry Code is a great starting point if you would like to learn more about The Pillar Code or Practitioner Training.

MEET the Founder of The Pillar Practice


PJ spent over 25 years working in and around Defence including being an executive in the corporate world dealing with large multi-million dollar Government and Defence contracts. It was during her busy corporate days that PJ started receiving channelled information which started a major career change. After her successful career, PJ made the dramatic sea change back to her original passion - the art of healing.

The “channelled” information delivered her a brand new healing modality, The Pillar Code. This started a journey of healing, teaching and communicating this information around the world. PJ has written her first of many books to come, ‘It’s About Time by GEORGE’ , filled with amazing universal guidance. The Pillar Code has been gifted to help “connect all who choose”.