“A consciously connected world”

The world at the moment is in a zombie like state. Although our technology has improved to increase our connectiveness, we are seeing so many people being disconnected, isolated and lost. We have lost our ability to be truly connected consciously, in the present - leading to the mental health crisis our communities are facing now.

Our vision is to see a world where people are consciously connected, as when people are fully conscious, they start living their lives from peace, with a sense of purpose, and manifestation the prosperity of the life they choose. Imagine a world where everyone connected to peace, purpose and prosperity?



“Connect all who choose, to live a life of peace, purpose and prosperity through healing, teaching, and Communicating.”

Healing: Using our signature technique ‘The Pillar Code’, we take people on a journey of healing. Each appointment is a different marker point that we call a ‘pillar’, which has a different focus. We work out what is blocking you or throwing you into ‘contrast’ (perceived negative state) and remove the block by using our Acceptance, Awareness and Gratitude frame work. We teach clients skills and techniques around meditation, gratitude work, etc., that allows clients to become ‘resilient’ and not ‘reliant’.

Teaching: In order to get this out to the world, we realised that training practitioners in our modality is the best way. We take 40 practitioners annually, allowing us to make sure all practitioners are producing quality programs, where clients are getting the best results. We also deliver Entry Code’s throughout the year all over Australia. If you are interested in hosting an Entry Code or becoming a practitioner then contact us.

Communicating: We host retreats all around the world, PJ has released her first book ‘It’s About Time by GEORGE’, and we do regular ‘channels’ online through ‘Channel2Consciousness’ on Facebook.



“Our aim is to provide individuals, leaders and businesses with the opportunity, to experience a journey of healing with complete health and happiness, healing and education via our unique holistic care.”

Everybody deserves to live a life of Joy, however with the stresses of life many people have disconnected from truly living a life of health and happiness.  Depression, Anxiety, Post Trauma, isolation and despair are all too common in our community.  Stress and disconnecting from life are well known triggers and links to much pain, disorder and disease.  At The Pillar Practice our AIM is that we support clients to live the life that they choose - A Connected Life; a Calm Mind and a Clear Body.

Clients are supported within a supportive community environment, enabling ongoing wellness and lifestyle advancements, that allows all to connect to the purity of Peace, Purpose and Prosperity.

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics!”
— Albert Einstein