Our Alternative Medicine in Canberra is on the Rise

As society’s awareness of the importance of the mind and soul and the physical effects of those elements on the body grows, an increasing number of people are seeking out practices providing professional and dependable alternative medicine in the ACT and beyond. At The Pillar Practice, we are committed to providing alternative medicine to enhance the lives of clients suffering from a wide range of ailments. We are well equipped to provide services for treating and improving everything from minor headaches to terminal illnesses, as well as a wide range of mental illnesses.

About The Pillar Practice

The Pillar Practice is a holistic healthcare practice of six highly professional practitioners dedicated to using holistic healing to improve the quality of life for individuals in all of Australia. We offer a wide range of services for both physical and mental illnesses. We are a cohesive group of practitioners who choose to see improvement in both the condition and daily lives of individuals seen at our practice. We welcome all who believe in the healing power of holistic health approaches to our practice as well as those who wish to try alternative medicine for the first time.

At the Pillar Practice, we are driven by results. We never give up on a patient and work tirelessly to find an alternative approach that works for their unique ailment. We understand that similar symptoms often originate from various root problems and that there are different treatments that help different cases. We always respect our clients and work with them to provide individualised health care that will actually improve and enrich lives. Since we began providing alternative medicine to Canberra, we have seen exceptional results in former and existing that defy what has been known as untreatable.

Why We Provide Alternative Medicine to the ACT

We have our permanent and convenient location set in Canberra, in the heart of Australia's capital city. Like the rest of the modern world many people in Canberra are busy, working long stressful hours in all industries. Unfortunately, the western lifestyle can throw the mind, body and soul out of balance and combined with the increase in toxins we are exposed to, can have detrimental effects on our state of ‘wellbeing’. The bustle and noise of the workplace combined with the effects of long, hard working hours make Canberra's residents more susceptible to recurring physical ailments such as headaches and back problems, as well as mental illnesses, including generalized anxiety disorder, all the way to diabetes, cancer, dementia, etc.

This is why we’ve chosen to place our main practice in Canberra to improve all facets of life for the average Canberra worker. By providing alternative medicine to the ACT through our Canberra practice, we can give people a way to improve current ailments and prevent future ones through our focus on identifying root causes and providing practices for wellness.

Although our main practice for alternative medicine is located in Canberra, we provide services to surrounding areas through our mobile practice to make alternative medicines more easily accessible to all Australians. We also accept all clients from any part of the country at our Canberra practice and currently treat a large number of out of town clients.