The Pillar Practice: Providing Alternative Treatments to the ACT

Alternative treatments have existed for thousands of years, with societies understanding of the incredible benefits found with a holistic approach, especially for chronic and perceived untreatable conditions, increasing in awareness over time. The Pillar Practice is one of the most professional providers of alternative treatment in Canberra and the ACT area.

Why we are the Leaders for Alternative Treatments in Canberra

The Pillar Practice is a practice for alternative treatments in Canberra which works to provide a comprehensive, holistic health care approach. We provide alternative treatments to ACT and beyond for all types and severities of physical and mental afflictions through our holistic healing plans. We focus on more than just the body and symptom management and work with the whole of individuals to heal the mind and soul and promote better overall health and quality of life. Our approach to healing incorporates the idea that the body can heal itself when the individual practices mindful techniques and self-awareness, realising PAIN is just simply a message.

We have combined contemporary modalities with information that has been universally gifted that provides a complete healing system to the mind, body, and soul. Our approach to healing provides the benefits of both the best treatments of Western and Eastern philosophies of medicine. Our high success rates have been the main focus of our practice. We treat individuals to see real improvements to their condition and ensure a higher quality of daily life.

Although many people are accustomed to receiving traditional Western approaches to health care, we know that alternative medicines can provide great relief for those who choose healthcare without the use of drugs or invasive surgery. It's been our mission to see results rather than simply give treatment, and we encourage all our clients to be active participants in their own treatment plans. We offer to create specialised plans meant to work for the unique ailments and root causes of an individual. We see our clients as people and treat them with the care and respect they deserve.

This patient-oriented approach to healthcare is why we are one of the quickest growing centres for alternative treatment in Canberra.

Our Centres for Alternative Treatments in Canberra and Brisbane

At The Pillar Practice, we are dedicated to making alternative holistic treatments available and easily accessible to all Australians. This is why we've located our main practice in Canberra, to serve the maximum number of people and promote the spread of healing practices and true health through the use of alternative treatment options.

To reach even more clients, we offer our mobile treatment centre, which appears one weekend each fortnight in Brisbane. Our main practice in Canberra also accepts clients from all over Australia.. Call us for details or to set up an appointment today!