Ashlee Innes

Nutritionist & Pillar Practitioner

Bachelor of Biomedical Science (2015)
Bachelor of Nutrition (2016)
Bachelor of Science - Honours (2016)

The Pillar Code

2015    Bachelor of Biomedical Science
2015    Cert. 1 – The Pillar Practice
2016    Bachelor of Nutrition

2016    Sports Medicine Australia
2016    Sports Dietitians Australia
2016    Nutrition Australia
2016    International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT)

'Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food' - Hippocrates. This quote truly resonated with Ashlee which launched her studies into Nutrition at the University of the Sunshine Coast. Along the journey of study, Ashlee began to question the reasons for the advice and guidelines that were being taught throughout university and within the community. Ashlee chose to investigate and appreciate the physiological processes, the benefits and the effects of such possible recommendations. This lead to her enrolling into biomedical science which allowed for a wealth of knowledge in the complexities of the human body. These degrees combined have provided Ashlee with the understanding of human pathophysiology, immunology and nutritional assessment, ensuring complete comprehension on all levels of the system from the organs to the cellular levels.

During Ashlee's time at university she discovered first hand the amazing benefits of The Pillar Code which allowed her to find her direction and purpose. Ashlee started her training as a Pillar Practitioner, combing her knowledge of western medical science with the healing abilities of eastern modalities. This has given her, as a practitioner, a balance of incorporating the healing capabilities of both worlds.

Ashlee is passionate about assisting those along their journey with The Pillar Code, allowing for the optimal level of peace, purpose and prosperity to all who choose. As well as her work with The Pillar Practice, Ashlee is now assisting clients with her passion in Nutrition.

Ashlee is a licensed Pillar Practitioner.