Decode your leadership and recode your business


We are excited to announce that The Pillar Practice is bringing CEO’s together in a combination of both 1:1 and small group Masterclasses to utilise The Corporate Code’s unique ability to ‘Decode your Leadership and Recode your Business’.

The Masterclasses are delivered personally by PJ Ashley the CEO and Founder of The Pillar Code & The Corporate Code systems. PJ will also be utilising her incredible ability to access Universal direction (GEORGE) directly for the ultimate in Mentorship. Offering specific information and guidance for your personal leadership style, your business, strategy, vison, mission, values, personal and business scheduling, services, ideal clients, networking, marketing, reporting and leadership and business growth. All while networking with other Consciously Connected CEO’s who will be supporting you and your business to lift and grow.

This is a fun, productive, individually supported and outcome based Masterclass series which will utilise the groups collective energy and ideas, allowing for the ultimate in Leadership Mentoring and growth
for your business.

The first CEO group will be starting in July, perfect time for the new financial year. Ideal for SME’s or Sole traders as well as team leaders, senior managers and project managers.