The girls have an eye for tea... introducing Ovvio Organic Tea

All clients who start with The Pillar Practice benefit immensely from going through the Metabolic Eating Plan, allowing them to reset their digestive health back to its optimum form. We often get asked 'What hot drinks can I have?' As most people in the western world are used to caffeinated drinks like coffee and black/green tea, it can be hard for people to change their programming.

So we have introduced Premium Organic Tea by Ovvio to our holistic healthcare practice for clients to purchase. As the tea is organically certified (ACO) and Australian owned and made, we believe that this is one of the best teas on the market.

The tea remains as nature intended: unadulterated, unprocessed and naturally delightful, free from artificial and imitation ''natural'' flavours and 100% certified organic (ACO No: 11236P).'
For more information about Ovvio tea please visit:-

What varieties do we stock?
It comes in a variety of blends and we have stocked an initial four varieties:

  • Pure-ify: 'Prescibe yourself an all in-in-one, radiant tonic for inside-out beauty. Drink to your well-being.' (not for use in pregnancy)
  • Rise and Shine: 'Entice wakefulness with a cup of spritely zing. Perfect for the early bird or those who need an extra lift.'
  • Clarity Sage: 'Walk among verdant gardens, mastering the art of mindfulness. Cool, calm and collected.'
  • Chamomile Nights: 'Fall into a deep slumber, dream sweetly to the occasion with joie de vivre.' (not for use in pregnancy)

Feel free to ask our reception team for more information.