Connection is why we are here

Brene Brown is an amazing researcher who has spent the past 13 years studying the effects of courage, vulnerability, shame and worthiness.

In her research she has come to understand what we know at The Pillar Practice, connection is everything. When we disconnect from those around us, from our health, from our purpose, we are disconnecting from the purest from of ourselves. It is through connection that we can deliver the highest form of healing and that is why our aim is:

'To connect all who choose to a life of peace, purpose and prosperity'.

The world we have created gives us a choice: to connect or disconnect. So often we choose to disconnect and this leads to the suffering Brene Brown talks about. One of the greatest gifts of the journey of The Pillar Practice is assisting people with their awareness on how to reconnect and once we do this, you can sit in a life of peace, of purpose and of prosperity.

The world at the moment seems to be going through this choice, do we choose to connect or disconnect?