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'Self as a Resource for Help' Workshop

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Rosa Ana Bucknell's 'Self as a resource for help' 2 day workshop culminates 35 years experience in the change management industry and brings together skills in the context of pastoral care.

The workshop is designed to deliver the skills of helping yourself to create changes, experience personal growth, and bring about positive, permanent and meaningful shifts in the quality of your life.
These shifts are the direct cause for a new and unique kind of experience of self-care that brings the freedom to be at ease, and the power to be effective in the areas that matter most to you such as:

- the quality of person you choose to be
- the quality of your relationships,
- the confidence with which you live your life,
- your personal productivity,
- your experience of the difference you make,
- your enjoyment of life.

Pastoral Care, presented in this non-denominational workshop, is grounded in a model of experiential learning that is transformative. Providing a shift in awareness of the basic understanding of the self, in context of life. An action/reflection model of learning that brings a fundamental shift, reconciling the person more fully, to make changes to existing views and limits of faith, personal and professional lives and relationships.

Knowledge changes what we know,
Experience changes who we are,
Understanding the difference affords us choice.

“This workshop is about you, experience is the greatest teacher.” 

We carry within us an untapped resource for growth, healing and change. As children we are born with great potential for life, health, love, and happiness. As children we are born with natural acumens of empathy, vulnerability, curiosity and discernment. As children we learn life skills from our families, but how to understand our world, our pain, suffering our grief; ability to interpret meaning, negotiate value and navigate communication, has to be taught.

In this workshop, you will be presented with a whole different way of achieving personal growth, care and healing.

You will be introduced to:

- Mindful presence without meditation - a practical approach to evolve the senses
- Action Reflection Practice - a way of achieving spiritual, personal and professional insights
- Skill of Spiritual Literacy - a mindset on the spiritual formation and insight

Explore how to achieve results for personal:
Professional Outcomes
Intimacy in relationships

In this workshop, you will examine the experiences of discernment, curiosity, empathy and vulnerability.

Experience action-reflection on existing personal perceptions and values.
Recognise the skill introduced as a tool to awakening and healing communication.
Explore the importance of presence, connection and self-awareness in personal context and diversity.
Relate to those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.
Examine and discuss the art of reflection on self in personal context.
Identify personal communication skills.
Reflect on existing personal perceptions.

The workshop is 12 hours and takes place over 2 consecutive days, Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday, 1st September 2018
9:00am - 4:00pm
Sunday, 2nd September 2018
9:00am to 2:00pm

Each full day begins at 8:30am for a 9:00am start and will conclude at 4:00pm.
*regular breaks are had throughout the day - tea and coffee will be available.

The day is delivered in three parts:

1. Orientation and Overview
Participants are given an experience and an overview—a sense of what they might expect, as well as tips and ideas for how to get the most value. The daily schedule is reviewed, and there is an opportunity to ask questions.

2. Rethinking Possibility
Someone will bring a situation they are working with from their perspective, a pastoral conversation has a significant integrative element to life. Pastorally the use of the world ‘possibility’ is speaking of the notion of mystery in the moment of the pastoral encounter. In this session we look at the notion of possibility in a whole new light.

3. The Pervasive Influence of the Past
Much of what makes up what we believe, seems to be an extension or variation of what has come before. What we see as possible – what we are looking for – is essentially a more, better, or different way of making meaning and finding value.

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