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Decode Your Life: From Surviving to Thriving - MERIMBULA

  • Bega Valley Regional Learning Centre 14 Cabarita Place Merimbula, NSW, 2548 Australia (map)

In the wake of the recent, traumatic fires experienced by the Bega Valley Region, we have chosen to host a 3 hour Workshop focussing on the nature of Stress and Trauma; how their impacts manifest in our day-to-day lives, how to deal with them and how to heal from them, in order to thrive.

You may be choosing to attend because you are someone experiencing trauma or in a stressed state, you may be someone who has loved ones experiencing trauma/stress, or you are someone choosing to help where you can.

The thing about experiencing trauma and stress is that their impacts do not discriminate - when one person feels it, we all feel it. One way or another, we are all impacted and use our own coping mechanisms and self-preservation tactics to survive, however, these mechanisms and tactics may not necessarily be best for us in long term.

Go beyond surviving and choose to thrive.

This 3 hour Workshop will be using The Pillar Code techniques, understanding and methodology to Teach, Heal and Communicate strategies, tools and information to support the processing and healing of trauma/stress triggers in order to thrive.

It comes down to you having control of your life journey, rather than allowing senses of trauma and stress to takeover.

Now is the time to choose to thrive.

There will be the opportunity for Q&A during the Workshop.

TICKETS: $25.00 General Admission (available through Eventbrite)

*Additional donations are welcomed on the night.

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