Providing Holistic Healing to the ACT

Every day, many people all over the world suffer from persistent ailments such as headaches, backaches, mental illnesses, and serious physical afflictions, often without even knowing what caused the issue. At The Pillar Practice, we know that mental and physical ailments are caused by a complicated combination of root issues, stemming either from the mind, body or soul that can cause these afflictions to become reoccurring problems.

Holistic Healing in Canberra for Mental Illnesses

Understanding, Empathetic Care

Mental illnesses are a serious concern for an increasing portion of the population. There’s a wide variety of mental illnesses which can cause many different levels of impairment, including minimal discomfort to complete incapability. We understand that no matter the type or severity of the disorder, it deserves to be treated by health professionals. At the Pillar Practice, we are committed to providing individuals suffering from mental illness with holistic healing options in Canberra, and we take all cases of mental illness seriously.

How we Treat Mental Illness

Mental illnesses are caused by many different issues, including physical ailments, such as chemical imbalances in the brain or emotional distress from past events. However a complete healing system needs to look at all levels of being including the soul, which is where western medicine has overlooked.

Many mental illnesses can be debilitating, reducing workplace productivity, impairing interpersonal relationships and in serious cases, ending lives. While some mental illnesses respond well to traditional treatment methods, many are severe and treatment resistant. Our holistic approach to health care works to heal the mental, physical, as well as the deeper soul root causes of mental illness to improve the individual’s life.

We actively listen to our clients with empathy and compassion while working to find real solutions that can be implemented both in our practice and in daily lives to improve the individual's condition quality of life. Our holistic approach to treating mental illness helps people with ailments such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, and more to live fuller, healthier and happier lives.

Our Philosophy on Promoting Physical Health with Holistic Healing in the ACT

At The Pillar Practice, we believe that the body holds inseparable connections with the mind and soul. Many physical afflictions are caused by root problems in the mind and soul of an individual, meaning that symptom management is not enough. We work to reduce physical symptoms by finding and treating the root causes of physical problems as well as using holistic healing methods to reduce pain.

We provide care to individuals from all over Australia with our main centre for holistic healing in the ACT. Our Canberra practice offers six highly qualified practitioners, all of whom are dedicated to improving the quality of life of individuals through a holistic approach to healing, no matter the ailment. Although western medicines deem many conditions to be untreatable, we believe that our holistic care can help individuals with such conditions to live vastly improved, healthy and whole lives.

In Addition to our main practice for holistic healing in Canberra, we offer our mobile practice in order to reach more people wishing for a new approach to their healthcare, practice one weekend each fortnight in Brisbane.