Holistic Treatment Plans at the Pillar Practice

Are you tired of every doctor you visit prescribing pills for every ailment? At The Pillar Practice, we understand. We've been there. We understand the frustration of seeking treatments to improve your health and diminish ailments while being told over and over by healthcare professionals that you might only have the option to manage it. We understand not feeling heard or understood.

This is why we are committed to providing a new, patient-orientated approach to healthcare. We respect our clients, and we will never simply send clients off with a pain prescription to manage an illness. We work with our clients and listen to them as we work together on finding a holistic treatment plan that incorporates healing root causes in all three elements of the individual: The Mind, The Body, and The Soul. We  provide accessible, holistic treatment to the ACT.

Why We Provide Holistic Treatment to Canberra

Our approach is not only patient-orientated; it is a combination of all the proven alternative treatment methods from both Western and Eastern philosophies of medicine. We have studied techniques used by holistic modalities from around the world, and we have blended is with our universally gifted information to provide a technique that offers full health benefits to our clients.

Our practice provides five practitioners with plenty of experience in providing professional, compassionate, and effective holistic treatment to Canberra and more. Our practitioners are highly skilled at working with a wide range of illnesses, from both the physical and mental spectrum. We offer holistic healing services for conditions ranging from headaches to cancer, diabetes, from anxiety to PTSD, and more.

Holistic healing is not only an option for those with severe and persisting illnesses that have been failed by traditional medicine. Holistic treatment plans can be effective in treating and preventing new afflictions. Since our holistic treatment plan provides healing to all facets of the individual, health is improved at a deep level, allowing individuals to be more resilient.

Options for Our Holistic Treatment Outside the ACT

The Pillar Practice is proud to provide holistic treatment to Canberra with our permanent practice as well as to Brisbane. One weekend each fortnight, our mobile practice travels to Brisbane to bring holistic treatment options to individuals who are unable to make the trip to our Canberra practice.

As for our permanent location, we serve all in-country clients and currently provide treatment services to many clients from all Australian territories.

We are an Australian owned and operated company seeking to improve the health of Australians regardless of the affliction. We provide our services to all those who believe in the power of holistic treatments and alternative medicines. We believe that our holistic approach can help ailments of all types, and we've seen great success with our clients. Call us to book and appointment today.