Bringing Holistic Treatments to Canberra

Do you have a stubborn affliction that traditional medicine has failed to correct? Are you looking for a more holistic treatment approach than the standard symptom checklist, quick diagnosis, and prescription? If you are, we know how to help. It is the mission of The Pillar Practice to help our clients live healthier lives by incorporating a range of medicinal practices from our new and universally inspired technique to provide healing to not only the body but the mind and soul too.

Our practice incorporates healing of these three key components to treat all ailments, even those deemed terminal or untreatable by conventional medicine.

Why We Believe in Holistic Healing

At The Pillar Practice, we believe that everyone deserves the option to choose holistic treatment plans to truly address ailments before they become reoccurring problems. We know that everything in the body is interconnected. Mind, body and soul are all interconnected in ways that science cannot yet explain. And yet the evidence that integrating the three forms into treatments to provide a holistic health plan for healing has been shown to have great success in alleviating many ailments that have proven difficult to treat with standard medicinal practices.

This is why we've utilised the best healing practices for all the best healing practices, both Western and Eastern, as well as age-old, proven practices. Our holistic approach to healing includes blending traditional Western medicinal practices with Eastern approaches providing the most health benefits to clients. At the Pillar Practice, we not only care for our clients, we care about them, which is why we provide such compassionate, thorough care for each person. We do not see you simply as ill, only as a person, an individual in need of our holistic care.

Our Practice for Holistic Treatments in Canberra

To make it easy to access our holistic treatments in the ACT, we’ve opened our main practice in Canberra. Our professional practice is workplace to some of the ACT’s brightest physicians, all of whom believe in the amazing healing power of holistic treatments.

At The Pillar Practice, we all have the same mission: to assist our clients live a better life. We provide treatments for all ailments including those both mental and physical. We are well versed in treating stubborn mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety disorders, and even PTSD. We are also able to provide holistic treatments to Canberra’s physically afflicted, including individuals suffering from headaches to those struggling with diabetes, autoimmune diseases, and even cancer.

To make our practice even more accessible, one weekend a fortnight, our mobile practice visits Brisbane to provide holistic healing to those who may be unable to travel to Canberra. We are happy to be able to provide our services in these outreach programs to bring professional and compassionate holistic treatments to the ACT and all of Australia. We take clients from all over the country who can visit our main practice in Canberra, and we hope to provide holistic healing to all who choose it.