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Kathryn Cole

Cert. Professional Kinesiology Practitioner (PKP)
Cert. Neural Organisational Technique (NOT)

Practicing in:
The Pillar Practice, Kinesiology

Career Achievements:
2000    Cert. Professional Kinesiology Practitioner               (PKP)
2004    Cert. Innate Intelligence
2005    Cert. Quantum Cellular Systems
2007    Cert. Reiki (Master)
2007    Cert. Angel Intuitive Course
2008    Cert. Neural Organisational                                     Technique (NOT)
2013    Cert. PSYCH-K
2014    Cert. Biofeedback in Cyberscan
2015    Cert. 1 – The Pillar Practice

Current Memberships:
Member of the Australian Institute of Kinesiologists Limited

Practitioner Journey:
After seeing the wonders of Kinesiology at an early age, Kathryn started to research different modalities that would assist in improving her life and experiences and the health and wellbeing of those around her.

The key experience that motivated Kathryn’s journey was that of her daughter, who through a life threatening situation in 2003, was saved through the work of Kinesiology via Kathryns mentor and teacher Don Viney. From that point on Kathryn was devoted to utilise and expand on the knowledge and experience that she has been gifted in order to assist and help those around her.

Kathryn completed her training in PKP in 2000 through the International Kinesiology College (Zurich), followed by certificates in complementary techniques that assist in her ability to deliver the greatest benefit to her clients.

Kathryn has recently qualified as a Pillar Practitioner and is currently going through on-going mentoring and training with The Pillar Practice.

Kathryn is a licensed Pillar Practitioner.