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Loughlin Gould

Pillar Practitioner & Business Manager

Bachelor of Science in Psychology (2010)

The Pillar Code

2000   Reiki I & II
2010    Bachelor of Science in Psychology
2015    Cert. 1 – The Pillar Practice

International Institute of Complimentary Therapists (IICT)

Loughlin started his studies in Psychology as he had a passion for understanding why people become motivated to excel beyond their physical limits through mental fortitude, especially when it came to sport. Throughout his studies he realised that what was even more interesting were peoples ability to overcome major stresses life presented and how some people had the tools to overcome them whilst other people didn't. During his studies he realised that western modalities didn't have the ability to effectively treat and deal with these stresses holistically and became interested in seeing how eastern modalities could assist.

Towards the end of his degree he went to work on Christmas Island, managing a volunteer organisation that provided programs to assist those who struggled day to day with overcoming the stresses of being away from their family, their home and not knowing what or how to deal with their path.

After working with other domestic and international volunteer organisations, Loughlin worked for the Federal Government, working on the organisation of the Brisbane G20 Summit and getting and insight into the mechanics of large organisations.

Loughlin has since come back to Canberra to balance his love of organisational mechanics in the role as Business Manager of The Pillar Practice Pty Ltd as well as his love for assisting individuals overcoming what challenges may be affecting their life, balancing the western and eastern modalities to provide the ultimate in treatment through The Pillar Code.

Loughlin is a licensed Pillar Practitioner.