It's About Time By GEORGE


It's About Time By GEORGE

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We are currently at a turning point in humanity.. The world is waking up and changing as truths are being revealed around the globe in all sectors of life - governments, business and communities.

That’s why Patti-Jane (PJ) Ashley has been gifted this information, and why It’s About Time by GEORGE has been delivered to the world, now.

The book follows PJ’s life-changing journey as she begins to receive astounding information from Source through a collective personality we have come to know as GEORGE: Globally Enlightened; Origin Restoring; Governing Energy.

As the importance of the universal information delivered by GEORGE became apparent, PJ made the difficult decision by GEORGE became apparent, PJ made the difficult decision to leave a highly successful corporate career behind her and start delivering GEORGE’s messages around the world.

At the core of these teachings is a brand-new healing modality that deals with the effects of stress, anxiety and burden and ‘connects all who choose’ to live a life of Peace, Purpose and Prosperity.

In this book, as readers absorb GEORGE’s words, they will receive energy, healing and amazing messages containing information from Source, pertinent to the situations - time after time.

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