Patti-Jane (PJ) Ashley

Director & Founder of The Pillar Practice

Dip. Holistic Therapy
Reiki Master / Teacher

The Pillar Code

1996    Reiki Master / Teacher, Canberra
2001    Diploma of Holistic Therapies, Swindon                  College, UK
2010    Women Mentoring Program, Canberra
2011     Strategic Management Program -                             Maquarie University Sydney
2011     Company Directors Course - AICD,                        
2012    Accidental Counsellor - Lifeline, Canberra
2012    Co-founder and Developer of The Pillar Practice,
2013    Prince 2 Foundation, Canberra
2014    Co-founder and Director of The Pillar Practice Pty Ltd

Member of the International Institute of Complimentary Therapists (IICT)

After a successful career in the corporate world with senior roles including heading the Government and Defence Portfolio of a top 50 ASX company, senior Australian Manager of a German Defence organisation, sitting on various Boards and voluntary roles, PJ made the dramatic sea change back to her original passion - the art of healing.  Knowing that everyone deserves the chance to heal and experience the most out of life, PJ is now following her own journey back to helping others.

As a Holistic Therapist, Energetic Healer and Medium, PJ to develop, deliver & teach a complete healing system that has been named - The Pillar Code.

The Pillar Code is "a unique journey of healing" that connects people to wellness, health and lifestyle improvements through Life, Mind and Body, with the results speaking for themselves.