Train in the pillar practice's incredible signature modality, 'the pillar code' and receive keys to unlocking your infinite potential and helping others unlock theirs.


the life code

-Self Guide-

Enrol in 'The Life Code' Training Course, centred on The Pillar Practice's signature modality - The Pillar Code!
By experiencing this course, you will learn the fundamentals of The Pillar Code and receive incredible tools, teachings and resources for you to apply to your every day life.

*There are no prerequisites for this course.


CEO Masterclass

- Guide your business -

The CEO Masterclass is for Consciously Connected Leaders. It is a 9 month Masterclass is a fun, productive, individually supported and outcome based masterclass series which provides 9 months of structured solutions, unique guidance whilst also utilising the groups collective energy and ideas, allowing for the ultimate in leadership mentoring and growth for your leadership and business.


the pillar code

-Be Guided-

Our signature program, The Pillar Code is designed to lift you mind, body and life to where you ultimately choose for it to be.
Your practitioner will take you through a series of steps we call ‘Pillars’.

Each Pillar combines clearing deep seeded belief patterns, as well as giving you tools and techniques to take control of your journey!


the master code

-Guide Others-

'The Master Code' is the complete Pillar Practitioner Training Course, for those choosing to master and be licensed in practicing in The Pillar Practice's signature modality, 'The Pillar Code'.
By completing 'The Master Code' you will have achieved the level of training, the licensing and membership required for practicing as a Pillar Practitioner.