Through focussing on the evaluation and rehabilitation of every major nerve in the body, Quantum Neurology (QN) allows for the greatest nerve function possible in the body. To have the highest level of health and wellbeing, every nerve needs to be at their optimal level as they control and regulate every function in the body. When nerves become dysfunctional, a symptom usually develops, throwing the body into a state of dis-ease. At The Pillar Practice we see that many symptoms clients present with can have a neurological component to them, leading your body to loose stability and allowing symptoms to have a greater chance to present.

By focussing on the nerves, QN is able to link painful or debilitating injuries, illnesses, or conditions to the nervous system, which when balanced allows for the body to be able to heal itself. Every major nerve in the body is evaluated, strengthened and rehabilitated by the Chiropractor through this safe and non-invasive technique. Our Chiropractor use a series of upper and lower body muscle strength tests that evaluate the entire spinal cord, as well as reinforcing the nerves with gentle joint mobilisation and light therapy.