Wendy (Tarthra)

“I am so grateful for the treatment that you have just done! I am blown away by what came up! Now it is all making sense! I got Goosebumps and was quite emotional! I am feeling so much better already! The whole Pillar Practice modality totally blows my mind! Thank You, Thank You!”

Katelyn (Canberra):

"I am currently on my journey of healing with Ashlee and I am absolutely loving all of the positive energy that I am now utilising. After every session I leave with a huge smile on my face. I am loving what I have learnt about myself and I can’t wait to further my self-awareness . All of the staff have made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. I can’t thank them all enough."

Anthea (Bungendore):

The Pillar Practice brings together the essential elements to support our pursuit for good health. It treats the whole body- mental, emotional and physical. The team support us to attain the very best of our potential. It nurtures our whole being. It has been a vital part of my life for the last 4 years and will be into the foreseeable future. I fully recommend it to everyone who cares about their health. 

Learning to  see my body and the physical issues that arise as a signal of an imbalance in my mental, emotional and spiritual bodies and to attend to the whole of my being, not just one aspect and to be an active participant in its healing means the world to me. I am responsible for care taking myself and nurturing myself. The practitioners at The Pillar Practice have all the tools to support me and my wellbeing. I cannot speak highly enough of this (what I see) as a new paradigm in health care.

B.C (Canberra):

My deepest thank you to the Pillar Practice Team for walking the pathway with me on my journey of kindling and rediscovering the happiness, joy and delight in my life. The reconnection of, deeply feeling the calm and stillness of my mind and body, shines the beauty of the true me. Each moment of each day, however small, is a step I take with my eyes open, seeing and feeling things as if for the first time. It is wonderful to feel connected.