The Connection Code

"Decoding your Peace, Purpose and Prosperity"



The Connection Code: Do you feel that you are struggling to connect to your full potential? Do you feel disconnected from what brings you joy and know there is more to you than you are allowing the world to see? Have you been told about the amazing benefits of “The Pillar Code” but are unsure if it is right for you?  Then we suggest that you start with our taster Program, specifically designed to allow you to:

  1. have a Pillar Practitioner personally test, treat and turn what is blocking your life’s journey and creating stress, pain or lack;
  2. discover the key messages that may be holding you back from attaining your – Peace, Purpose & Prosperity; and
  3. be guided through a treatment to rediscovering your connection, control and confidence of your journey.

Have an introduction to the Pillar Practice team and our Programs and gain an insight as to how “The Pillar Code” Program can support your Life, Mind & Body journey. 


The Pillar Code is three 3 x 30 minute appointments with one of our Pillar Practitioners, working with you personally. The 30 minute treatment will go into a detailed understanding of Peace, Purpose and prosperity, delving into where your blocks are and how to go about removing them.

For those who then choose to do our signature program “The Pillar Code”, your investment will then be transferred as the deposit for The Pillar Code. The Pillar Code is a Universally guided process that allows all individuals, leaders and businesses, to connect into their highest state of consciousness, the key to connecting successfully to “Peace, Purpose and Prosperity” ™. 


If you are interested in starting 'The Connection Code', we recommend to contact the team for more information and bookings.


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