The Pillar Code

"Consciously Connecting: Leaders, Minds & Businesses"



The Pillar Code is a Life, Mind and Body (LMB) healing system that has been gifted to the world from GEORGE (Globally Enlightened; Origin Restoring; Governing Energy ™).  The technique allows all who choose to lift into their greatest consciousness which is the key to connecting to a life of Peace, Purpose and Prosperity.

The Pillar Code draws upon – what was; what is and what will be.  In other words when you have a clear understanding about what, why and when a negative pattern was created, you can start to move into an awareness of being in the NOW.  By clearly seeing what your past life has manifested for you ie how your Life, Mind and Body looks now, you are then given the tools to support you manifesting the “what” for your tomorrow. 


The Pillar Practice Code is an 12 Step Program that is universal inspired and gifted, connecting the recipient to the purity of universal healing energy, allowing for the total clearing (release), repair and transformation of your life, mind and body.

Each element of the technique gives you messages, treatments and Universally gifted tools to take you on “A Journey of Healing” from “Reliance to Resilience” ™ bringing you back in command of your choosing whilst watching you souls manifestations materialise.


If you are interested in starting our signature technique 'The Pillar Code', we recommend to book in for an 'Initial Consultation'. This will allow you and your Practitioner to have the understanding of your situation; what our proposed care plan is for you; and will show you how The Pillar Code works.  The total investment for the appointment is $200 which will be credited back to you when you commence the program.

Alternatively we do offer 'Information Evenings' which will take you through how the 12 step program works. You will be able to try out the technique and learn if it is right for you. Please contact our front desk team for more information.