The Pillar Practice (signature technique)


A Journey of Healing -

1. Connect back to Life

2. Calm the Mind

3. Clear the Body

The Pillar Practice Technique is an 11 Step Program that is universally inspired and gifted, connecting the recipient to the purity of universal healing energy, allowing for the total clearing (release) repair and transformation of physical, mental and energetic levels of mind, body and soul.

This allows the recipient to fully return to their optimal, purest and highest form of self.

Universal healing is immediate, as it is the source of all that is; life, form, breath. 

Souls choosing to establish the clearest of connection to this energy simply ask for the connection, and it is given.  The complexity of the comprehension of understanding the purity and simplicity of The Pillar Practice technique is simply a state of mind block.  Accepting all blocks, understanding the messages that these blocks present and being directed to the individuals particular healing, allows for the flow of vitality, leaving the recipients clear, uplifted and peaceful - the truest form of living a life of LOVE.

The Process
The technique is delivered via an 11 Step Program, taking clients through a series of Pillars (or treatments).  Each Step focuses on a wholistic understanding of the Mind, then Body then Soul.

The Pillars are structured appointments comprising of mostly standard appointments that are approximately 8 minutes each with additional long appointments each being 30 minutes.  Each Pillar reveals blocks, finds awareness on the message that it presents and how it is affecting that person.  The healing or treatment required is then identified. 

The healing is delivered through:-

  • Energetic clearing (the practitioners hands provide the Universal energy such as one would see from Reiki or other energetic modalities, however the attuned practitioner’s healing simply goes beyond into much higher frequencies);
  • Body adjustments and
  • Biochemical support if required.

The recipient is simply requested to have awareness or connection to the instant healing state that is, and carry that awareness in their day to day life.

The Pillars are the instigators for the healing changes and the healing continues as the recipient then experiences the self-awareness of their Mind, Body and soul or life journey.

The Technique Background
The technique is a blend between currently known Western Modalities, the diagnosis of disease, disorders and conditions both physical and emotional; and combines this with an Eastern and spiritual understanding of energy and healing – bridging that gap between Newtonian physics and Quantum physics. The technique is non-invasive and treats without the use of medications and incorporates many modalities and techniques including:

The Benefits
Irrespective of what condition, injury or illness, we support clients suffering from pain, anxiety, depression, addiction, diseases, disorders, regardless of the severity, chronicity or whether the condition is known to be treatable or perceived as untreatable. Recipients are also supported with improving their lifestyle, relationships, career, finances and general well-being.

The Pillar Practice Energy Treatments
Amongst other qualifications, Angus Comyns is trained and attuned to provide The Pillar Practice Energy Treatments as well as Loughlin Gould.

As they are a magnificent relaxation and healing treatment, these treatments can also be received at any time you require to compliment your journey of healing.