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At The Pillar Practice we believe everyone is on a journey of healing.  On this journey, everyone intrinsically chooses to have complete health and happiness in their lives, for many people however this state of being can be challenging to achieve.

What we offer

The Pillar Practice is an integrative health and wellness practice that bases itself at the centre of western and eastern health practicesIn order to achieve a state of holistic health and happiness, healing on a singular level is not sufficient ie physical, emotional or spiritual level, but requires the culmination of the clearing of all levels of mind, body and soul.  At The Pillar Practice we take our clients through a journey of healing that adopts healing on all levels.

In order to achieve this we take a holistic approach to health care, offering our signature modality 'The Pillar Code' as well as Nutritional, and Life and Business Guidance.

Why choose The Pillar Practice?


The Pillar Practice journey guides you to a state of inner peace, improved health and a clear understanding of the messages and meanings of the blocks that enter your life.  As you progress through the stages of your journey, the blocks that prevent a complete connection to mind, body and soul are released, relieving any "dis-ease" you may or have been carrying.

Our Pillar Practitioners are passionate about guiding our clients through their journey of healing by calming the mind, clearing the body and connecting the soul to achieve a life of peace, purpose and prosperity. Check out our testimonials here!


If you are interested in starting our signature technique 'The Pillar Code', we recommend to book in for an 'Initial Consultation'. This will allow you and your Practitioner to have the understanding of your situation; what our proposed care plan is for you; and will show you how The Pillar Code works.  The total investment for the appointment is $200.

Alternatively, you can connect to more information by joining our online community through Facebook and Instagram.


As a healthcare practice ,we offer a wide range of Holistic Healthcare treatments and techniques including The Pillar Code a dynamic new technique that is proving very successful in all areas of health care; wellness and lifestyle advancements, as well as Nutrition.


Our Pillar Practitioners and support staff have a diversity of qualifications, skills and experience whilst maintaining a focus in their fields.

Clients receive care from their primary Pillar Practitioner whilst having access to all other practitioners and services within the practice, to best support your care.



For all enquiries, please contact one of our friendly team members - we look forward to hearing from you!