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At The Pillar Practice we believe everyone is on a journey of healing.  On this journey, everyone intrinsically chooses to have complete health and happiness in their lives, for many people however this state of being can be difficult to achieve.

What we offer

The Pillar Practice is a holistic health clinic that bases itself at the centre of Western and Eastern health practicesIn order to achieve a state of holistic health and happiness, healing on a singular level is not sufficient ie physical, emotional or spiritual level, but requires the culmination of the clearing of all levels of mind, body and soul.  At The Pillar Practice we take our clients through a journey of healing that adopts healing on multiple levels.

The Pillar Practice offers our clients an opportunity for complete wellness in the mind, body and soul.  We can help you achieve measurable results through our reputable healthcare professionals in both

Why choose the pillar practice?

The Pillar Practice journey guides our clients to a state of inner peace, improved health and a clear understanding of the messages and meanings of the blocks that enter our lives.  As our clients progress through the stages of their journey, the blocks that prevent a complete connection to mind, body and soul are released, relieving any "dis-ease" you may or have been carrying.

You will benefit from The Pillar Practice if you are looking for individualised healthcare, wellness and lifestyle advancements and are seeking alternatives to pharmaceutical treatments and surgery.  Our clients often visit the practice for relief of pain and specific conditions, whereby our doctors are then able to realise its issue at its core, which is frequently unrelated to the noticeable symptom.

Our doctors, as Primary Healthcare Providers and practitioners, are passionate about guiding our clients through their journey of healing by clearing the mind, body and soul to achieve a life of peace, purpose and prosperity.

We strive to provide you with:

  • An integration of the best of Western and Eastern healthcare and lifestyle advancements
  • Individualised care based on your own requirements and personal journey
  • Alternatives to pharmaceutical treatments (drugs) and surgery
  • Results. Pure and simple we work with results!

To live a life of peace, purpose and prosperity is available to all who choose.  The Pillar Practice has the foundations and techniques to be able to achieve these results for our clients.

The Experience

The only way you will truly understand the experience of The Pillar Practice and all treatments offered is to book in with one of our experienced practitioners to discuss your personal circumstances.  To make an enquiry, get in touch with one of our friendly staff.

Our Services

As a primary healthcare clinic we offer a wide range of Holistic Healthcare treatments and techniques including The Pillar Practice a dynamic new technique that is proving very successful in all areas of health care; wellness and lifestyle advancements, Chiropractic, Professional Applied Kinesiology, NET, Quantum Neurology, Nutritional Medicine, Bowen Therapy and Remedial Massage

Meet the Team

Our doctors, practitioners and support staff have a diversity of qualifications, skills and experience whilst maintaining a focus in their specialised fields.

Clients receive care from their primary practitioners whilst having access to all other practitioners and services within the clinic to better support the individuals care.

Get in Touch

To enquire or make an appointment contact one of our friendly team members.

T +61 (02) 6162 4268
E info@thepillarpractice.com.au

Our practitioners are approved healthcare providers.  Please mention to our support staff if you have a DVA health card or other requirements.

Please note: The Pillar Practice trades as “The Comyns Clinic” in Canberra